1 Mar 2014

For sale: one of two known Jolson Almas

I promise I'm not turning my blog into a typewriter marketplace. XD
This will be the last "typewriter for sale" post for a while.
I've just been in a rather clearing-out sort of mood lately.

Richard Polt owns the other one, seen here

Sent from my Jolson Alma or Alma Jolson


  1. Very curious to find out what your big purchase was! I hope your Alma finds a good home.

    1. It took me by surprise when I first saw it, and it was love at first sight. Any clues would probably give it away to somebody with the mind to search around for the answer so I'll resist the urge to leave a trail of clues. XD

    2. if you got one of Mr. Messengers' Gold QDL's, I'll be jealous! :D

    3. Too common. ;P By which I mean, I'm not the type (haha) to spend lots for a slightly different version of an already common typewriter. Even if the version is really rather nice like a gold QDL.

  2. I must severely curtail my hobby spending, but I hope you find a nice rehoming for the Alma.

    Curiosity is getting the best of me......