14 Mar 2014

I like pie

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  1. I have some pie currently in the oven. Mmmmm Pie.
    I started reading the 'outdated' dd.mm.yy format bit and suddenly went 'Hey! That's what we use here in Australia', and I almost turned into a ranty old man before I realised that the the whole pi thing didn't work with that, and you'd gotten things a bit arse about.

    Mmmmm... now pardon my while I go back and have some pie.

    1. What kind of pie? What kind? What kind?! (I really should have made some more)

      I don't know the figures but I bet we only use it in the US along with our wonderful "standard" measurements, and then 3 other countries.

  2. Hahaha, PIE! I had a bacon cheese and beef one for lunch. YUMMMM.

    Great looking font style! Hopefully one will pass my way one day :)

  3. Yes, only for the mm.dd.yy format, but for the dd.mm.yy format 3.14 is pi-month.
    I thought of a pi-day post while at work and knew that by the time I arrived back at home the day wouldl be shot. I like playing with date numerals as there are several formats in use. I like yy.mm.dd since it is an easy to parse system in programs although for most writing I use dd.mm.yy.