10 Apr 2011

Typewriters: one for free, one to trade!

Picture of the Royal Sprite, I am giving away
Picture of the Remington Quiet-Riter, I want to trade

Typed on my Torpedo 18
on the roof in the wind.


  1. Just like being there with you - great typecast. Hope the wasp lives to sting another day and the sun continues to shine on your roof. Good luck with the give-away and the trade!

  2. Your post reminded me that during the last two summers we vacationed in Oceanside, Ca,. and I took my little Royal Mercury portable to type on the beach, and had the same problem with the off-shore breeze blowing the paper over and blocking my view of the typing. I compensated by adjusting my beach chair's position. Outdoor typing is fun, though. Thanks for your post, keep up the good work, and don't fall off the roof.