20 Apr 2011

And the mystery typewriter is...

Congratulations to Adwoa. :) Unfortunately no cash prize. :(

Typed on my Consul 232 and my Royal Arrow
at my desk in front of the window.


  1. Very nice! Congratulations on fixing all those problems -- that's more satisfying, in a way, that getting a typewriter that's 100% perfect from the start.

    Nice job photographing and describing your collection.

    As for standards, I think my favorite is my Royal KMM due to its springy snappiness, followed closely by my Olivetti Lexikon 80 and Olympia SG1.

  2. Yes, they bring out the home-fixer in us! Well done on getting it working. From memory, I have only ever used two standards. One I rescued from my old workplace. I don't know what became of it - maybe I gave it away. I remember it had this amazing centrifugal clutch design at the back to slow the carriage between long tabs. But the one I remember best, and still have a small hankering for (though not the space to keep it) is a green Imperial 66. It was part of the furniture in the hot metal room at my old college. Solid, quick, reliable and understated quality.

  3. How nice! Good job on getting it working again. Very pretty two-tone color scheme.