28 Apr 2011

Hype, Controversy, Stats & What you like

Typed on my Royal Aristocrat

on my floor.


  1. Hi Nick, reading a post is a little like buying a new book. You don't know what's coming until you have a read. You hope it is as good as the last, but you'll never know until you read it. A dull title (e.g. Typecast #15) is always going to be more of a challenge in attracting readers than an exciting one (e.g. I ate my typewriter). Then there's the 'competition'. If you post daily, and you are on other people's blogrolls, and if they list them chronologically and not alphabetically, your post will always be nearer the top of the list. And people read web pages from the top. A good few years ago, I read an ebook on blogging by social media guru Seth Godin. From memory, his tips were to be timely, relevant and interesting. If I were you, I'd just keep doing what you are doing - be yourself. BTW, I'm on a Mac using Firefox :-)

  2. By all means, as Rob said, be yourself -- and you seem to have quite a distinctive and well-developed personality, so you hardly need us to tell you this!

    I have cracked up at your characters, enjoyed your thoughts, and taken interest in your typewriter reviews as well.