24 Apr 2011

R[emote] C[ontrol] Allen? Yes, it's lovely.

R C Allen... a Michigan typewriter!

Typed on my new R C Allen VisOmatic
on my floor because I was too lazy
to carry it out onto the deck.


  1. Ted:

    It appears to be so. :D Very cool that I don't have the basic pica typeface. Richard Polt isn't so far ahead as I thought, hehe. (with his script VisOmatic)

  2. Been tempted by one of those, for some time, on my own craigslist. It finally disappeared, and I'm kind of saddened by that. I thought it might wait for me...
    Sounds like a great machine.

  3. Even though the back of the typewriter says R.C.Allen, Grand Rapids, Mich. A book on the history of Woodstock, Illinois says that R C Allen made their typewriters at the Woodstock factory until 1970. That doesn't mean that they didn't also make them elsewhere, but the Woodstock factory was all set up and operating, and since typewriters were new to R C allen, it's doubtful that they would set up a whole new factory to produce what was basically a re skinned Woodstock typewriter.
    Yes, the R C Allen machines are surpisingly fine instruments - just got one yesterday, and I love it!