30 May 2017

The SFO Museum typewriter exhibit

Back in February, I posted about the SFO Museum coming to the house to pick up a few typewriters for their upcoming exhibit, The Typewriter: An Innovation in Writing.

At long last, it opened earlier this month! It's behind security so I needed to be escorted in. But what better way to see an exhibit than with its curator?

It was great getting to see an original Sholes & Glidden in person.

The exhibit isn't large, but it is well-packed with typewriters from all eras and parts of the world.

Typewriters used by famous people are placed out towards the walkway to catch the eye of passersby, like John Lennon's Imperial.

I have four typewriters in the exhibit, one of them is my Moskva 4.

My Olympia SM7, Everest Jolson K2, and Blue-Bird 18b (not shown) complete the list.

And last but not least, the curator, Daniel Calderon! The exhibit is the result of a year of planning and lots of hard work from everyone involved at the museum, but he has had an especially high level of personal involvement.

If you're ever at San Francisco International Airport, this will be on display through 28 January 2018.


  1. Thanks for the photos, Nick - and good on ya for loaning a few of your charges for so long!

    1. Fortunately it coincided with a lull in my collecting interest, so I haven't missed them yet!

  2. Very nice, very representative display. Good job, fellas! (:

  3. diverse collection of machines and wedge-free by the look of it. ;)

  4. Very cool! You must be proud to be a part of this!

  5. And beautifully photographed, as well!

  6. Congratulations on getting some of your typewriters into such a nice display. Good work on the photos too.

  7. I'll be passing through SFO in a couple of weeks and look forward to seeing this!

  8. Is there a place to ask to be escorted?

  9. Try to find the typewriter Zeta it was the original brand from Czechoslovakia and consul was then the model of Zeta typewriters.