28 May 2017

Another trip back (part 1)

While W has been deployed, I went on a two week trip back to Washington as a break from work, and being alone at home. Here are some photos I took on the trip.

Shasta Lake, California.

An abandoned building in Tangent, Oregon.

Milwaukie, Oregon's library is in a very natural setting for a city.

Back in Washington on I-5.

The Narrows Bridges, back in Tacoma

Another view of the bridges.

Wright Park.

A new bridge for the Wright Park pond.

New market-rate high-rise apartments going up in a former parking lot.

Ships at Tacoma's harbor.

A view of the city from across Commencement Bay.

A rural road in Kent.

Abandoned houses in an industrial area of Fife.

I'll have more later!


  1. Beautiful territory, wonderful photography (:

  2. Great shots. That Milwaukie library looks delightful.