10 Sept 2016


1937  |  Erika M  |  646365/M

I promised this typecast way back in December 2014. Here it is, at long last!

Sent from my Erika Modell M.


  1. Tarnished glas keys can get back to such an amazing look with metal polish? Wow, I will have to give this a try.

    As for the typewriter phase: probably everybody can relate to that. And always keep in mind that there is no rule or law written anywhere that you have to stay enthusiastic about typewriters - or even interested in them. Stay authentic to what feels right for you.
    I personally switched interest quite a few times in my life and don't feel guilty at all about it. Interest comes and goes and is not under our will-control anyway.

    You have contributed such an outstanding contribution to the typosphere, it is amazing. Your Blog is one of the ultimate resources for typewriters.


    1. I'm fine with phasing in and out on typewriters—but it is bothersome to me when I leave projects half-done like this!

      Thanks. :) I try to do some good stuff.

  2. Impressive machine! No, I've never seen an Ö and Ü like that either.

  3. GleaMMing :-)

    As Schmach and you say - the in-season and the less-so (sometimes it's just being too busy otherwise). Though these images make me doubt my letting pass a red M that came up locally a week or so back... ;-)