23 Sept 2016

Another try: Smith-Corona Silent

1949  |  Smith-Corona Silent  |  5S107672

You can see a "before" photo with the Office World sticker in
my gallery for this machine on the Typewriter Database.

Martha with the family Smith-Corona Silent (my first), taken on film in 2009.

Sent from my new Smith-Corona Silent


  1. Like many of the US made typewriters of the period, not real fancy, but fun to use. Congratulations on the nice typewriter. It's always very nice to find one that has been properly reconditioned.

    1. That it is. Even though I felt like $50 was a bit much for this, at the same time I know how much work was put into getting it into the shape it's in, so it feels like a good deal at the same time.

  2. Heh, they're everywhere and butt-oogly, but everyone's gotta have a Super-5. I'll admit I skinned my favorite one and put it in a Tower shell, intentionally losing the original shell just so it would be basically impossible to sell. Gotta keep at least one around. :D

  3. They are very good typewriters, although a little on the rattly side once you've gotten used to the finest products of German craftsmanship.

  4. Definitely a bit rattly and ratchety (I'm talking about that carriage return) but still one of my favorite typers. Key spacing is perfect, excellent action. Built like a tank (and looks like one too). I like it.

  5. I've been using a similar model for my daily typer. It's fast and durable. Might be switching out to a newly acquired tower Attaché or a tuxedo model Silent. The tuxedo is just as fast, has more features, is far more silent, but needs a thorough cleaning before I let it be seen