2 Aug 2014

Typewriter stamps, round 3

There are about 20 new designs added since the first order, so there might be something new for your interest. You have all week to place your order, until 9 August which is when I'll send them off to be engraved. Payment is by paypal, and I will ship worldwide. If all goes as planned, your orders will ship out before the end of the month.

Remember when you place your order to keep the stamps divided in their 3 sections.


  1. Hey, I had sent you an order late last winter/early spring, never heard from you. Don't worry about it though, as I don't have PayPal. Thanks

    1. It might have been due to the sometimes faulty order form system that I'd set up—it worked for almost everybody, but for some reason some people had problems with it.

      I think you might have reported this to me, but I couldn't find any emails in my inbox.