30 Aug 2014

Save the date: Tacoma type-out

Preliminary details:

Thea's Park is located at the mouth of Foss waterway with lovely views and is in walking distance of downtown (food!). There are a number of large shaded picnic tables perfect for typing on and plenty of parking space. The park is secluded from the city, though very near. It's usually not busy, though it is rarely empty.

27 September 2014
Saturday at 2pm
Thea's Park, Tacoma

Because there is no way to tell what the weather will be like
this far in advance, location is subject to change!


  1. That's a good location if the weather cooperates.

  2. Sounds great! Fingers crossed for fine fall weather!

  3. Best wishes for the type-out. Wish I were on your coast. Don't forget to post it on Ted's Type-in sight.