19 Oct 2013


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  1. I will have to check out that piece you mentioned.

    We had a front come through and it is finally in the 50s - 70s around here. Opened all the windows and turned on the fans to air out the place - been closed up with the AC on for since April or May.


  2. Hope you enjoyed your walk.
    Here we have hot and then warm. I really miss the change to chill in the fall and snow in winter like there was in Virginia. Pennsylvania was generally just cold.

    Hope you can get back to the piano. I missed it and bought an organ a few years ago, but Mrs. M did not like giving up all the room in the house for an organ so I quit once again and stay only with the trumpet. I am challenging my daughter to a who will be the first with a solo on the Ukulele (her) or Ukelin (me).

  3. Please, anything but never-ending rain.