16 Oct 2013

Micro Diamond Olympia (Mystery No More)

1958 Olympia SM3 1137181

Apparently as soon as I convince myself I've found the ultimate XYZ typewriter, I find the real perfect one...how about that?

I think this has a slightly more elegant feel to it, especially from the rear due to its lower profile, than the De Luxe version. Of course, I could just be blinded by the incredibly intact chrome and crinkle paint!

Sent from my new Micro Diamond Olympia SM3


  1. The fun is always in chasing the rabbit... :)

  2. Looks like new! The ribbon I generally source is very cheap and isn't a particularly high thread count so doesn't work great with tiny type. Maybe I should cast my net wider.

    1. I believe the same applies to the new ribbons that I buy, because I think the Elite Olympia had one in it. They have the perfect amount of ink to stay dark for years under moderately light use, but they don't have the best print quality.

  3. Ohhh... That's one great score you have there. I don't know what it is about these machines, but they seem to preserve so much better. I think the SM3 must have some kind immunity to the world.