2 Oct 2013

IBM and Compaq Nostalgia...

Typed with my Brother Wizard Automatic. Typewriter.


  1. Try Freeciv, but not on a win 3 laptop. I kept a Compaq LTE 5000 alive for years and years after it was actually useful, just so I could play with DOS 3 when I felt like it. Dunno what happened to it, though. Haven't seen it since I moved. Might still be in a box somewhere.

    1. I remember Freeciv. I haven't played that in...forever. Maybe not as forever as Civ 1 but still. I remember it being extremely slow even on a 2001-ish desktop. I'll have to see if there's a Mac version at all.

    2. Yeah, you gotta run Freeciv on a modern machine or it's sluggish. The good part is that it's still being actively developed and new versions are pretty regularly released. 2.3.4 is available for OSX Lion:
      If you like Longturn multi-player (my favorite style, but very time sinky) there's an international Longturn site that hosts games here:

      When I say Time-sinky, I mean it. That style of Freeciv eats your life. :D

    3. Oh, hey - it looks like the devs were inspired by some of the server-side work I did for the 2.1.9 to 2.1.11 branches (savegame parsing to generate game-replay maps and graphs of activity) and built all that functionality into the new 2.4 branch for both client and server. Awesome! :D

      Patch discussion on GNA: http://gna.org/patch/?1391
      My old 2009-era Freeciv Longturn server:

    4. I tried installing it on Mountain Lion with no success. The application loads, shows in the menu bar, but doesn't show in the dock nor can you actually click on the menu bar.