25 Apr 2015

Submit your stamp orders now

It's that time again, the fourth round of typewriter stamps. This will be the only round I do this year so be sure to place an order if you want anything! As always, the minimum order is $5 and shipping costs are additional and I will ship worldwide.

I will accept orders until Friday, 1 May. I'll submit the final collected order on the following Sunday and I will try to send out all your individual orders by 15 May.

Read more about this round of typewriter stamps

Look through the stamp catalog and place your order

As mentioned, I will be offering return address stamps. The cost will be $4 each. If you're interested in one of those, select a stamp image that is bold and will not suffer detail loss when reduced in size. Let me know how you want an address stamp with that image and show me how you would like your address to be formatted exactly. I'll get back with you with a couple drafts using different fonts for you to choose from.

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