16 Jul 2017

Alpina ephemera

On my trip back to Washington (as seen in two of my recent photo posts), I was able to visit my friend Scott (of Click Clack Ding!). He'd bought quite a big lot of Alpina ephemera from Germany (seriously, a lot of cool stuff, which will eventually be posted to his blog) and was generous enough to let me take any duplicates he had and post them here for you!

In addition, here are two photos with his Alpina collection, showing some of the other ephemera.


  1. That is some great ephemera. Very nice Alpina collection too.

  2. Thanks to Scott and you for sharing. These machines are so cool!

  3. Nice! I'm hoping we can get an Alpina Bible out of Scott's finds (:

  4. Such beautiful machines and also some really good photography.
    They look like right out of a detective novel, really cool setting.
    I find it kind of strange they were advertised as "cheaper than any standard typewriter". They surely don't look low end.

    1. Thanks!

      With that advertisement, they were referring to the cost of a standard (desktop) versus portable typewriter. The Alpina is a portable, but it can be used in an office setting.