23 Jun 2016

International Typewriter Day 2016

I've been pretty inactive in the typosphere lately, with the move and my own other interests overriding the typewriters except for the occasional letter.

Our new house has a nice mirrored display/bookshelf in the dining room (though we don't have a table in it, it's mostly just a piano and some open space) that was perfect for 3 typewriters. These are a few of my machines that lack cases, the three most photogenic at least!

I got the Underwood Standard right before moving for $20, I couldn't pass it up. It needs a back foot and the right carriage knob, so if anybody has a spare of either of those please let me know!

And meanwhile, happy ITD!


  1. Happy ITD! That porch looks like a sweet typin' spot (:

  2. Nice bookshelf. Your Remington 11 would look right at home there. Happy ITD!

  3. Excellent choice for the display.

  4. Beautiful display.
    I got so involved in radio this year I forgot all about typewriter day.

  5. It looks like you are settling in to Sacramento. I've never seen a shabby looking Everest Mod90, they seem to preserve their gloss as well as a Royal.And the big Underwood - who can blame you? Looks great where it is!

  6. I, too, was going to say something about your photograph like, "What a sweet-looking place". Interesting that several of us found that word to describe the warm, welcoming, pleasant and nonthreatening look of your home.