25 Sept 2015

Less-travelled roads to heaven (part 2)

The Seven Devils mountain range, from where the technical top of the canyon is measured. We call it the Seven Satans because alliteration.

Never fear—this is not missing the first 2 pages. Those were part 1. Note the change from "hell" to "heaven". I really do love Moscow that much. Partly because it's great, but partly because of an irrational emotional bond with it which I have no desire to shake.

The "alien landing pad" of Hells Canyon.

The clouds cast lovely shadows.

Nearing sunset at the reservoir of Brownlee Dam.

White Bird

US-95 by White Bird

Sculpture at the Nez Perce County Courthouse (at Lewiston)

US-95 going north to Moscow. We went up this incline to the Palouse country using the modern 4 lane highway.

Moscow countryside (I regret not bringing my camera on the walk around downtown!)

Looking from the top down at Lewiston and the old two-lane road, which we took down the inline.

Grain storage along US-12

Overlooking the Snake River near Starbuck (no association with Starbucks!)

A railroad bridge over the Snake River.

Palouse Falls

This is a rough outline of our complete road trip. I pretty much ignored everything between Weiser and Cascade, yes. It's just that dull in comparison to what surrounds it!


  1. Beautiful! I can't imagine why you consider it irrational to love such a nice place. Seems very rational to me. (:

  2. Not the Moscow that normally comes to mind. Sure is a big country!

    1. I grew up near a Moscow and an Athens. The US is so full of small towns with grand foreign names!

  3. Great trip. I've not been out West for about 10 years and really miss the area. Your photos are great and make me want to cause wife trouble by packing my SUV and heading West. Her health is what prevents us from moving there, but maybe next year we will take a long road trip.