2 Feb 2015

California Highway 1

After spending our time in Los Angeles, decided to take the coastal route to San Jose.

It's quite a trip, taking at least twice as long as I-5, but when time is not important there is no doubting which way is better to take.

We stopped to watch the sunset north of Morro Bay.

Then we spent the night in Cambria before continuing north from there.

North of Cambria, there isn't really much development at all—there isn't space for any. The road twists and turns, hugging the mountainous coastline.

Around every turn there was another picture-perfect scene before our eyes. I love our grey, grey-blue, and grey-green Pacific coast in Washington, but the vivid colors of the southern California coast are fantastic.

Just before sundown, we stopped at Big Basin state park to see some of the most southerly redwoods.

We broke out of the forest just in time to see another beautiful sunset.

That concludes the photo-documentary of our 2015 California trip!

I decided it was time to change my blog header again, and I came up with this design using elements from my 1981 Erika 120's unpacking instructions.


  1. Very beautiful country and the dramatic sky is amazing. Thanks for sharing your ride.

  2. Yes truly unique and special scenery - plus I imagine a fine camera, and your artistic and discerning eye.
    Thanks, and I like the color in the new header -fun!

  3. I like the new header. There is some very artistic usage of graphics in typewriter brochures, ads and manuals - good idea to make use of it.

    I enjoyed the virtual visit to the Big Sur country. So, now that you have made it up to to San Jose, how about continuing to wind your way north on Highway 1? More sunsets, lonely roads, and spectacular scenery await along the Sonoma and Mendocino Coasts.

    1. Some day we're going to visit San Francisco and drive along the northern half of Highway 1!

    2. Some day we're going to visit San Francisco and drive along the northern half of Highway 1!

  4. Beautiful pictures once again! And I like the header too.