23 Jun 2014

It's a Remington typewriter day

Apologies for the lack of comments from me—
no saying "happy typewriter day" on every blog for me.

Sent from my Remington Quiet-Riter Eleven


  1. Very nice! It's quite an attractive machine. I like the looks of these Remingtons, but have only handled one of this era. I suppose it has the same core-style spools as most Remmies?

    Happy Typewriter Day (:

    1. Yep, same spools… one would think they'd have moved on at this point. They even went to the trouble of changing the Torpedo spools to be Remington ones when they made the Remington Mark II. XD

      I think at this point they were really losing market share—it is undeniable that a Galaxie is a better typewriter (although the early Galaxies definitely don't look better, in my view)

  2. always liked the look of these remington monarchs... even almost bought one a couple different times... maybe one day. happy typewriter day!

  3. Ah - the coffee-cup keytops... Happy Typewriter Day!

  4. Space aged sexy psychedelic dream machine. I'll be typing on a machine that belongs in Bethesda offices. Resurrecting an old thread here.