2 Jan 2014

Olympia SM7

1962 Olympia SM7 2071316

*When I say "each one" I mean each model, not each specific typewriter. Olympias are very consistent among other identical machines.

I forgot to mention that the line advance problem is definitely not due to the linespace ratchet.

Sent from my Olympia SM7


  1. Congratulations! That is one sharp looking SM7. I really like that typeface.

    I do not know about the irregular line feed. Did you try a rubber rejuvenator? Even if the rubber is soft this would give it more grip. The other thing could be the line feed pawl not placing at the same spot on the ratchet. I had a feed problem that I solved by watching the feed pawl and it did not always engage the same number of teeth.

    1. Thanks. :) It's not the feed pawl, I actually had that problem with another Olympia and this isn't it. I forgot to mention that it didn't have anything to do with the ratchet (my first assumption was that it was the problem but the paper is just slipping slightly)

  2. That's gorgeous! I've been wanting a Congress for ages, but it's on a holiday and taking awhile to get to me.
    And Bill got to it first: I tend to listen to the ratchet, you can tell when it's a touch too long. Check the spring holding the feed pawl - it might need to be replaced/tightened. Whizz it with some teflon too, best stuff ever!
    Good luck with the fix!

  3. Great typewriter and typeface, that's another one added to my 'wanted' list.

  4. Wish I could add some useful insight. Does the problem go if you use thicker paper? Happy New Year Nick!

  5. Great font indeed! Congratz on finding this beautiful machine.

  6. Beautiful SM7. It's also my favorite Olympia. The only one I've kept so far.

  7. Nice. Very nice machine. Shame about the damage in transit. I hope you enjoy this machine to the fullest!

  8. Beautiful machine! We too had an Olympia arrive quite damaged from very poor packing last month. We think it's pretty much back together and is currently at the local typewriter repair shop getting a good going over to make sure it's working as it should. I hope you get your problem figured out!