11 Feb 2014

Springtime director

1967 Hermes 3000 3409386

Typed out on my new Hermes 3000


  1. Very nice looking H3k. I have a Director Pica on my repair pile. I like all the neat Hermes typefaces. I think that is why I have several H3k machines. I also prefer the green ones over the ones with the white keys. The green looks much nicer. I have both,, but the green have a distinctiveness to set them apart.
    I find the round body ones are nice to use than the square body, but I like the design of the square ones a bit better.
    Good luck with your knob project.

  2. Talking of directors, Fifty and Raining could be a movie title.

  3. Hopefully you'll find a parts machine with the platen knobs you need. That'd be the best option. :)