4 Feb 2014

What my handwriting actually looks like

I learned handwriting with a modified Palmer method because I was homeschooled, so I actually learned proper cursive. I lament its demise in the schools...

Unfortunately this pencil is no longer manufactured. I "borrowed" it from the supply of pencils where I worked two years ago and apparently they stopped making them soon after. Good thing I did.

Written with my Pentel Forte


  1. Beautiful handwriting there, Nick! I'd love to try to mimic it, but I can already see the lower-case 'r's are gonna drive me batty.
    Sounds like you've been bitten by the fountain pen bug. It's not that bad (says the guy with a dozen of them), and there are a couple of vintage pens in my gun-sights too. Yes, it can be a slippery slope.

    1. I confuse myself with my "r"s. It doesn't matter whether I'm writing fast or deliberate and slow, they are always hard to write. What about them is so batty-causing? XD

      I don't expect I'll want to own too many, probably not more than 4. We'll see...

    2. I write 'r' as just a basic short line with the stem and I think it would be tricky for me to convert to writing them like yours. Same with the letter 's'. Not impossible, but it would take me some time to unlearn my style. If you haven't seen my handwriting, check out this post;


      It has the most ink colours.

      And if you can own just four fp's, Nick, then you're made of sterner stuff than I. I would suggest getting a vintage one, too. Decades of being broken in by someone else. I can't write with modern fine nibs (they show EVERY flaw in my handwriting), but I don't tend to find that is the case with vintage nibs. Might have something to do with the amount of flex. Besides, with a vintage pen, you can get something with a gold nib for reasonable money, something that is hard to do with modern fountain pens.

    3. Recently I've found myself oddly compelled to write my 'r' like you do when I'm writing carefully and slowly (it's easier to be consistent), yet my mind doesn't know how to connect the next letter to it clearly.

  2. Very nice handwriting. Mine would never come close. I got sloppy in college and the sloppiness stayed.

    I too lament schools not teaching proper penmanship of any kind. I think it is just laziness. It is easier for the teachers to coach the students on passing the silly standardized tests than properly educating them. The so-called educated educators think the computer is everything. Soon it will be the demise of the USA.

    I agree with teeritz. You have been bitten by the fountain pen bug. When the bug hits it is like typewriters. There is no stopping.

    That Pentel is nice. I've been using Pentel drafting pencils for years, the Sharp. Staedler are fine, but the ones similar to Pentel are not as nice. I checked the Pentel site and they still list the Forte. I also prefer 0.5mm B leads.

    1. You're exactly right, in fact the new writing systems advertised as being easier to teach. I remember when my sister was in public school ( a few years younger than me) being horrified at how wrong her handwriting looked.

      I hardly touched a computer other than to play a few games before I was 10. Kids these days are missing out on so much with their portable electronics. I could go on forever on this topic though…

      I'm doing to say I haven't been yet, but only because the second pen is a special-purpose one. I don't see myself wanting to have more than 2 or so general purpose writing pens.

  3. Very nice. Certainly better than the doctors around work. My handwriting however is more cubist by comparison.

  4. Very pretty! I'm jealous of your handwriting.