7 Feb 2014

Musical Corona / Durez plastic typewriter

This interesting music/typewriter themed display was in one of the rotating display windows near a theater in Tacoma a little while ago. (not sure if they are associated) I'm going to guess that they didn't type all of this sheet music on the Corona.

This futuristic Durez plastic typewriter is just funny. Look at the keyboard! Sorry I couldn't find better resolution, but this was the only scan of it I could find. You can buy it, on eBay, if you wanted. It's overpriced though. XD


  1. That 'musical' typewriter is a curious, but interesting display. How fun.

    As for the Durez, well! It certainly looks space-agey. Interesting concept. Mind you, that looks like that is supposed to be a clear plastic cover over the keyboard. Or am I just seeing things?

  2. It is actually very similar to some of those Brother electronic wedges that turned out to be the future!

  3. Replies
    1. With the rise of 3D printing, that will soon be an option.. ;D

  4. Apparently Dave Chapman was the designer of this futuristic Durez machine. See here.