17 Feb 2014

10 typewriters for sale or trade

Once again I am selling off some typewriters. A couple are left over from last time but there are new ones as well. All 10 typewriters have been cleaned and oiled and work perfectly and come with their respective cases unless otherwise mentioned. Unlike last time, each typewriter will come with a good ribbon so they are all ready to go. If you would like to buy one, or want additional photos or a type sample, just send me an email to schreibstang (at) gmail (dot) com. Reasonable offers considered, PayPal payment preferred. You pay for shipping by USPS, and I will consider shipping worldwide if you are interested. The rates recently went up a little so the cost may be a few more dollars than you are expecting. I will edit to indicate which typewriters have been sold and which are pending.

SOLD Cole-Steel 3 / Congress Elite with pica spacing / $70 / This is in very good functioning condition and doesn't have any problems. The case has a crack but it has been repaired.

SOLD Remington Travel-Riter / Pica / $25 / The paint has some slight discoloration but it types well. It is based on the Torpedo 20 design.

SOLD / Pica / $65 / This is in very good condition and has a slightly special keyboard with both £ and $. It was made in Canada.

SOLD Singer Electric / Pica / $20 / Very good condition. This is one of the less common SCM rebrandings.

SOLD Royal Diana / Pica / $50 / Good condition except for the A key is reluctant to stop sticking. The case is in ratty shape.

SOLD Olympia SM9 / Pica / $30 / This is in very good condition though the case is missing the insert to hold the typewriter in place so I have installed foam strips to protect it.

SOLD Adler J5 / elite / $40 / I removed the body and cleaned it inside and out.

SOLD The Baby Empire #2574 / pica / $40 / The only Baby Empire known to have this decal. I thoroughly cleaned and oiled it, but the mainspring is broken and some of the less-used keys still need some more degunking. Comes with the original spools but no ribbon.

SOLD Smith-Corona Electric 5TE / pica / $30 / There are a few blemishes to the paint but it works great. I gave the paint a scrubbing.

SOLD AMC (Japy) / pica / $40 / Only one clasp on the case works. It's quite a clean machine.


  1. Could you provide the Diana's serial number?
    As to the Empire Baby, I am thrilled. How much would shipping to Europe be? In the large picture, I see the interesting decal on the paper rest - what does it read exactly?
    greetings from the CH-typosphere

    1. Send me an email at the address at the top of the page and I'll answer all your questions.

    2. Please help me in how to find your e-mail address. Nowhere to be seen. Very much interested in this typewriter. Lost in cyberspace. Thanks.

    3. I sent you an email to your yahoo address on your website. My email is in the top paragraph on this post.

  2. A nice assortment as usual. The Japy looks interesting.

  3. Could I pick up the AMC portable in person?