27 Feb 2014

I keep my collecting under control

This is not a joke.

*I see it as supreme truth, not a load of rot.

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  1. Having seen many great examples from your collection I'd say you're controlling it nicely.

  2. Heh, I can only keep the old 80's computers I already have - that's crazy enough without buying new ones. :D

    Although, I was tempted by an original 128k Mac I saw at Deseret last year. One of the ones with the signatures of the Mac designers molded into the inside casing. It even worked, but no disks or keyboard. It hurt to pass it up, but must remain firm.

  3. Computer wise, might you be interested in a Mackintosh Powerbook 170? It's a black and white screened laptop from the early 90's. Cost about $1500. new and does almost nothing. It's cool to look at, and too good to get rid of!