3 Jul 2013

The City at Night

Sunrise over the Port of Tacoma

Typed on my Facit 1620 which is still holding up perfectly from my fix.


  1. Very enjoyable story and pics, Nick. Brings memories here, too, though not of Tacoma for me, but other places. Thanks.

    == Michael

    1. There's something magical about cities at night when they get quiet and dark. I'm glad you have your own memories.

      If my camera battery hadn't been dead I would have taken more pictures. (these are from a while back) The white staircase is very impressive, especially at night.

  2. We really must get together for a type-in. That's an easy few blocks from my house. We could meet at King's Books or the Hub or Tully's or Satellite or Amocat? Nice post and pics.