12 Jul 2013

On Remingtons and Hypermarkets

*I am only considering Wal-Mart Supercenters. There are very few ordinary Wal-Marts remaining in Michigan, and though they can be found out here, are not the target of my discussion.

Produced on my Remington Portable 1


  1. Well, it certainly looks like it produces a great type.

    As an Australian, I have not had the miss-fortune of wandering into a Walmart. Mind you, we have plenty of our own variations. However, nothing with the level of mythology of Walmart - and the interesting attitudes of the people that shop there.

    1. It does. These Remingtons seem to hold up remarkably well.

      I used to think it was a uniformly mediocre experience. I didn't realise it actually does get bad enough to justify the outrage (that doesn't even touch on actual corporate policies and so forth, just the experience).

  2. There is almost nothing that will entice me to go into our local Wally-World. I suppose that I should pay a little more attention to prices between the stores I regularly frequent, mainly Rouses & Target and to what some of my favorite "treats" cost compared to less-expensive alternatives, but W-M isn't even on the radar screen.

    Some of the Target brand stuff is better than name brand, anyway.

    The Remington is beautiful. One of these days I'll have to get a proper pre-war machine.

    A. L. G.

    1. Occasionally I venture into Wal-Mart....every time the experience is slightly worse than before and every time I swear never to return. But sometimes I just have to for one or two items.

      I have to agree on the Target brand.

      I would highly recommend one of these if you want something unusual and also very useful! They're surprisingly common.

    2. Your pics of the instrument with the typebars raised make it look like a porcupine.

      A L G

  3. How far afield have you gone? The big ones are up in King County, around Tukwila and Renton. Tacoma gets shortchanged by a lot of chains.
    That's a nice Remington. I love mine, it's the one I've used twice in Virgin America flights.