25 Sep 2014

Two very different ideas of portable

I was talking to someone about my typewriter collecting recently, and they asked if I collected big ones. I told them I collected portable typewriters only… but then I realized how wildly different they can be in size for someone who isn't familiar with them.

So here I introduce my Groma Kolibri—I finally got one! Unfortunately it doesn't work very well due to a problem behind the segment I don't know how to fix. The keys on the left side of the keyboard are much stiffer than they should be and require a great deal of pressure to strike and advance the carriage. I've isolated the problem to the plate behind the segment that moves when keys are pressed, or at least something attached to that, but I don't know how to make it stop binding on that side (or whatever it's doing).


  1. Great examples of the wide variation in the "portable" class.

    Even more dramatic would be a Studio 44 next to a Gromina.

    1. I was debating whether to go with Studio 44 or Alpina… I figured the Alpina would be slightly taller, if not as deep. Or maybe the Studio's sleek shape actually makes it look smaller than it is...

  2. The bulbuous Alpina does look large there :-)
    There must have been a pretty constant market/need for both rather large and very tiny machines. For pre-war machines the Corona 3 case looks tiny next to a Remington Noiseless Portable case...

  3. If only I could find pristine cases like those!