6 Sep 2014

2014 Tacoma type-out @ Thea's Park

Only 3 weeks away! Bring one, or two, or maybe more typewriters. I don't think anybody is going to complain if you bring more. Whether you just want to show off something amazing, or perhaps want to trade/sell. Eat lunch before you come, but there will be snacks and water.

The extended weather forecast says we should expect the weather to be sunny and 70, but since when can you trust extended weather forecasts? If the weather does turn sour, I have reserved the meeting room at the nearby Tully's for 2 to 6pm. The final decision whether it's going to be held outside or indoors will be determined at least 3 days in advance and will be announced on blog and facebook.


  1. Thanks, Date saved. I understand now why you said the back room is small - I had been referring to the Stadium Tully's where the upstairs room is larger but this one is fine also. Here's hoping the weather holds anyway.

  2. Hope your Type-Out is a great success.

    We often hear of all the rain in the Pacific NW, but I doubt it can ever be worse than here in Florida. We get rain and \ or thunderstorms daily. Sometimes we get rain for days. Wish we could pack some of it up and send it to California.

  3. Added to type-in.org (: