4 Sep 2014

How to fix your Good Companion if you've sat upon it

The gaps where the arrows point shouldn't be there. Above, the lowercase is slightly off alignment on the left side. Below, the uppercase is significantly off alignment on the right side.

Above, a connecting piece like this was bent on each side. Below, remove these two screws on each side of the carriage to detach it from the frame.

Above, you can see the spring I added for extra tension on the carriage. Below, the screws to adjust case alignment. The upper one adjusts lowercase, the lower adjusts uppercase.

Thanks to Rob Bowker for the idea that this could have been sat on.
It was too fun not to use! (well not fun for the typewriter…)

Sent from my Imperial Good Companion 1


  1. Sitting on a typewriter? Stranger things have happened. I have watched a prominent typospherian stand on typewriters before.

  2. You seem really knowledgeable - I have just got one of these typewriters but the return lever doesn't advance the paper up a line. There is no tension on the lever but the carriage does move. Any idea if I can fix this myself and how?