11 Jul 2014

Trans-Cascadian hydroelectric journey

Driving towards Puyallup on SR-167 the mountain seems to grow larger with every mile.

(aha! editing gone slightly awry)

Tipsoo Lake has to be one of the most photogenic places in the country, absolutely delightful.

The bank of the Columbia River

There was a log that looked like an alligator.

The little "oasis" as I call it, next to the river, is where the clump of trees is.

Hydroelectric power isn't free from the landscape-marring drawbacks of all electricity.

Cliffs along the Columbia.

A neat volcanic formation along the river that rises out of the water.

Wanapum Dam

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  1. damn the seattle area is beautiful. and then there's that hydroelectric plant. a necessary thing to harness energy. im sure you used a good amount of energy taking and carrying your perfekt on this adventure!

    1. Not quite in the Seattle area, as the Cascades split the state quite dramatically, but certainly close enough for day trips.

      Hydro plants are all over the place, often in fairly scenic locations. You could argue about the costs versus benefits of any type of renewable energy, and you'll always come up with plenty of drawbacks. Hydro just has some of the fewest compared to the electricity produced.

  2. Beautiful photos. it's nice to be shown a part of the world I wouldn't otherwise be aware of. :)