16 Jul 2014

Gifford Pinchot, St Helens, Adams, and Hood

Mount Adams as seen on NF-23

I ended up sleeping by the side of the road with the moon and the mountain to keep me company.

at night

early morning; notice the shadow cast across the sky by the sun

Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument

Middle Lewis Falls

rough journey map

Mount Adams

as seen near Trout Lake

as seen near Glenwood

as seen overlooking Klickitat Canyon

Mount Hood

as seen from near Dallesport

The Dalles

It was splendid to view four of the most beautiful solitary mountains in the world in 24 hours.

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  1. Beautiful!

    I was up there near St. Helens in 1982, and it was still practically a moonscape. I still have a big jar of the fine grey ash, which was still pretty much everywhere back then, even two years after the eruption. It's amazing how fast the Earth heals, though. Just stunning. (:

    Travel safe!

    1. From what I understand, a good deal of the healing was helped by people as well! Though there are still a few semi-moonscape places, but they probably just look that way because there aren't any trees; there's still a lot of small vegetation everywhere.

      The floating things in the picture of the lake are the same trees that were blasted down 34 years ago. An interesting thing about the eruption is that the pumice rock that lays about everywhere helps retain moisture, making it easier for seedlings to grow to full size.

  2. Very beautiful places! Nothing like that in flat boring Florida. Prime examples of why the North Western States are prime locations to live & retire.

    1. Growing up in Michigan was better than Florida, but still pretty flat. There are hills here bigger than Michigan's tallest mountain… I still get excited every time I see a mountain here, and that means a lot of excitement, living in Tacoma. XD

  3. Thanks for taking us along on your outing. You've inspired me to plan a blog post tracing Hilda's and my travels over the last few weeks in Northern California. But we'd love to visit Washington again. Some fascinating geology there. As a geologist, I've recently read about the devastation from the Palouse to Portland created by the prehistoric Glacial Lake Missoula floods that make the recent Mt. St. Helens episode look like a tempest in a teapot. http://hugefloods.com/LakeMissoula.html

    1. Thanks for the link! There's a lot of fascinating history behind the geology in the northwest.

  4. drool pics that remind just how beautiful our earth is

    1. Now only if people would treat the earth like it deserves to be treated!

  5. Looks very relaxing. Nice photos.