3 Jul 2014

Roboton rapid spacer (slow motion video)

The marvels of clockwork in the 1980s—what'll they think of next?

It would not be stretching the truth to say that in some ways, the Robotron portable of the 1980s was the culmination of manual typewriter design, and I don't just mean they had the best rapid spacer. While other typewriters were sharply declining in quality, Robotrons of the 1980s are of a better design, and better quality, than the ones of the 1969 when it took over Erika production.

Yes, the Torpedo 18 of 1962 is a better typewriter, and so is the Erika of 1962. But as far as 1970s and onwards, when quality often declined, I stand by my statement.


  1. Oh, that's brilliant. Both the way the escapement thingy works and the video.


  2. Have always wanted to try a rapid spacer, but was afraid I'd have to buy a machine of inferior quality, like one of those Generation 2000 machines, ... or was it 3000?

    1. The two I can think of that have rapid spacers but still are excellent typewriters are any of the 1980s Robotron/Erika machines, or else one of the many different 1960s and 1970s Brother portables.