24 Dec 2013

The best post office in the world

(In 1974 they had more right to complain than we do now. UPS and FedEx don't have a genuine economy service like the USPS.) Sometimes simple facts are ignored. Love live the United States Postal Service!

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  1. Thank you for this paean! My sentiments exactly. USPS is one of the best values in the world. I once mailed a package in an eastern country and while I don't remember what the postage was, I do remember that I had to bribe the post office worker to accept the package. Another little benefit of our system.

    Support the USPS!
    == Michael Höhne

  2. Very good and very correct. Many of the problems we hear about the USPS are not true problems but self-generated due to the way Congress treats the USPS and has treated it since it was made a service and has no longer been a department of the government getting tax support. It won't go out of business and there can be improvement with it.

    I do know from being an amateur radio operator that we have the most efficient and least expensive postal service of any if not all nations. I send mail all over the world and speaking with those in other countries I send a QSL card much cheaper than they do or can do. Then when I do send one in some countries it takes weeks to get to the recipient after it reaches their country. Here I get cards in a few days once they are in the USPS system.

    I know of no place else a letter can be sent as far as with the USPS even if they get the approval for an increase to raise the rate to 49 or 50 cents per letter.

  3. That's indeed cheap. The weight of a letter doesn't count? Here in the Netherlands we pay 64 eurocents for a letter up to 20 grams, it doubles when you get to 20-50 grams, and you'll need to keep adding stamps for 50-100 grams, 100-250 grams, 250-500 grams and above 500-2000 grams. And that's just inside of the Netherlands! Same goes for letters to a foreign country (which starts at 1,05 euro).

    1. Any place in the entire country up to 1 ounce, which is 28 grams, for 46 cents. Definitely cheap. :D

  4. Agreed that we typists and letter writers still connect to the post office and know what a good service it does. I can't even think about it no longer being there.