18 Dec 2013

My favorite Olivetti

1973 Montgomery-Ward Escort 66 1904895

Never even existed as an Olivetti.

That poor Studio 45 (which I didn't buy)

Sent from my Montgomery-Ward Escort 66


  1. That is one fantastic looking Escort. First one of that model I've seen.

    1. They're one of the less-common Olivettis out there. I've only seen 3 for sale online over the past year.

  2. I enjoyed mine while I had it, it's really cool. But the Studio 44 typing action (especially on a machine that is in fine condition) is the gold standard for me.

  3. I totally echo your comments about the carriage action, it's the same with the Studio 45 I picked up today. Completely dreamlike and effortless. It must be Olivetti Day in the Typosphere!

  4. It looks great. The yellow cover on the return lever adds a nice accent. :)

  5. Beautiful! Much nicer in brown than the Underwood black. I am in touch with John Svezia through his daughter, Will let you know his view of the sequence.

  6. Your Escort is great combo of good looks and excellent function. As I was squeezing (literally) into Ole Kehlet's typewriter repair shop in Sacramento yesterday he pulled a Studio 45 off of his counter with the comment, "This is the best typewriter ever made". Ole was making way for my Royal 10, needing a repair to the clevis linkage in the "e" key system.