20 Dec 2013

12 typewriters for sale or trade

Adler J5 / elite / $40 / I removed the body and cleaned it inside and out. / sold

AMC (Japy) / pica / $40 / Only one clasp on the case works. It's quite a clean machine. / sold

Wizard Automatic (Brother) / piclite / $15 / Basically unused, but the type is slightly out of alignment. / sold

Corona Comet De Luxe / elite / $60 / This has seen very little use and was kept very carefully.I bought it to see if I could dethrone my Corona Sterling (flattop) but it didn't quite do it. / sold

Erika Modell 9 / pica / $20 / This looks spectacular, essentially a perfect display piece. The case is in similar condition and it comes with the manual. Its carriage was damaged in shipping from Germany, and though I got it to work, it doesn't type as good as it ought to and the D key is messed up. / sold

The Baby Empire #2574 / pica / $40 / The only Baby Empire known to have this decal. I thoroughly cleaned and oiled it, but the mainspring is broken and some of the less-used keys still need some more degunking. Comes with the original spools but no ribbon. / sold

Olympia SM8 / continental elite / $60 / Both typewriter and case are in mint condition. The platen is like new, and it comes with the original sales slip. / sold

Remington Deluxe Noiseless / pica / $60 / The typewriter and its case are in very good condition. Comes with a good ribbon. / sold

Royal Fleetwood / pica / $20 / I added red felt for sound insulation, you can see it under the keys. (No radio) / sold

Smith-Corona 4AR / elite / $25 / Transition model from 1949. This was my only Speedline, but I've found another older one that now has replaced this in my collection. (to be featured soon!) / sold

Smith-Corona Electric 5TE / pica / $30 / There are a few blemishes to the paint but it works great. I gave the paint a scrubbing. / sold

Underwood Universal Quiet-Tab / pica / $5 / Another basically mint typewriter in appearance that has carriage problems. I replaced a missing ball bearing in the shift mechanism, but the carriage advances very erratically. / sold

If you want any additional photos of these, type samples, or have questions, email me! I am, of course, open to considering reasonable offers. I will add "pending" when I get an interested party, and "sold" when the deal is closed.

The title courtesy of a new set of stamps I bought. Basically the same typeface as my other stamp kit, but half the size and a little more condensed. They're a bit newer than the other set, maybe from the 1920s.

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  1. Hello Nick, I'd love the Erika. I've been looking for one for vanity reasons. Bill Wahl at M.T.C. might be able to sort out the carriage issues and D key. Let me know if I'm in time - eggy68 at google. Thanks!

  2. Sorry you have to lessen the horde Nick, it's always hard! Good luck ;)
    (I'm highly tempted by the Noiseless, but I've got some on it's way!)

  3. I bought the Wizard and it is an amazing machine! Is there any way that you could hold onto the Royal Fleetwood until January 4 (two weeks)? I am definitely interested in buying it, too.

  4. I'm curious - Is that Wizard the same one as I saw on shopgoodwill Tacoma recently?

  5. Well this is going fast! I hope you will find good trusting homes for all of them. It might lighten the burden of letting them go.

  6. Are you selling your K-Mart typer on eBay?

    1. Definitely not. I looked over eBay and saw that person with 0 feedback using my picture. I'm going to be sending them a message. Thanks!

    2. I didn't think so. The TypewriterDatabase.com watermark gave it away.