15 Jun 2014

Iceland is a quiet land

rather than say more, I put it to you to ask any questions you might have



Leifur Eiríksson

all the apartment buildings are unique and wonderful




None of the coddling safety of the United States.
The only reason that sign is even there is for Americans. ;)

Our short tour outside of Reykjavík encompassed the three main "touristy" things in Iceland, and although this was not necessarily the tourist season, it's still remarkable how easy it is to find yourself all by yourself in some fantastic natural wonder. W and I spent 5 minutes alone overlooking the greatest waterfall I have ever seen in my life and it was amazing.

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  1. Beautiful and a bit eerie at the same time. A bit like Bjork.

  2. So cool. I really want to go.

  3. I wrote my thesis on medieval Iceland. Now you show me these beautiful pictures. Thank you!

  4. Beautiful. I first heard of iceland watching worlds strongest man when I was a kid. I th7nk the man who plays the Mountain on GOT is Icelandic. I also happen to watch Ben Stiller's remake called secret life of walter mitty and there's some iceland in there. Nice trip!

  5. A country without trees, how weird. But still so beautiful! I do wonder why the vikings cut them all down though...

    1. Probably the same reason people did the same thing in Michigan where I grew up, it seemed like an infinite supply. Of course, in Michigan they managed to cut everything down within 50 years and I doubt it happened that quickly in Iceland. Thankfully in Michigan, 60% of the forests were replanted so you can hardly tell now—though it'll never be quite the same.