30 Jun 2014

A selection of typewriter parts (also, parts needed)

FedEx (In my experience, the least careful shipping company. USPS all the way!) and bad sellers have worn down on the past unit of time and I now possess a number of typewriters good only for parts. It's time to get rid of them, so I offer their parts up. They are:

Facit TP1: Viking grey model, with case

Underwood De Luxe Golden Touch: Blue with the gold front plate, some rusted parts, no case.

Adler Tippa: Tan and off white plastic body, some cracks in the body pieces, with lid.

Adler Contessa: Off white plastic body, y and z typebars have been taken from it; with lid.

Montgomery-Ward 511D: Blue metal large Brother portable, with case.

Smith-Corona Galaxie Deluxe: Grey and off white, with case.

I also happen to need a couple of parts for my own repair projects, as follows:

Hermes Rocket/Baby: Mainspring, I believe any era post-Hermes Featherweight will do, but check with me. This will be for my Smith-Corona Empire (Hermes clone, not Skyriter) portable, the British-made mainsprings seem to be particularly bad, while the Hermes ones don't break so easily.

Everest Mod 90/K2: Plastic card guide piece and it's two screws. This can be from either a Mod 90 or else an early K2. It's missing on my lovely Mod 90 and makes feeding paper difficult.

Royal QDL/Aristocrat/Arrow: Pair of shift springs from a 1940s model, as on mine (keychop rescue 1941 burgundy Aristocrat) they are too weak to hold the type basket up.

Contact me at schreibstang at gmail dot com. I'll also be cross-posting this to the facebook typewriter classified page.


  1. Sad to hear about the delivery services. I've had great results with UPS and FedEx ground services. The USPS is somewhat dependable. Most all depends on proper packing.

    I think I have a Skyriter mainspring.

    If the card reader is available from the TP1 I could use one.

    1. Twice I've actually had a well-packed typewriter damaged by FedEx, although not enough to be unusable.

      What do you mean by card reader?

  2. What's wrong with the Montgomery Ward portable?

    1. Also, could it be fixed--like a problem with the ribbon color selector, etc.? If not, will the case work on an older Signature Portable, like the 510?

  3. I can't apologise enough for the rubbish quality of the Corona Empire. My initial reaction would be to grab another for £10 and strip the spring/motor from it but then it would still be OEM (though mine seemed in fine enough fettle when I sold it last year). Trouble is the price of Babies! Hopefully someone will turn up with a parts-Baby and help you on the way.

    1. If it weren't for the bad mainspring, I think I'd like mine ( http://typewriterdatabase.com/1959-empire-smithcorona-empire.1645.typewriter ). I'll reserve judgement for it until after I've got it running again. XD

  4. Is this post still accurate? I am looking for a “3” key for an Adler Contessa de luxe : )