13 Sep 2016

Submit your stamp orders: round 5

It's now time for the fifth round of typewriter stamps. As always, the minimum order is $5, shipping costs are additional (but not expensive), and I will ship worldwide. Instructions for ordering are found on the stamp catalog page.

More posts about these rubber stamps

Look through the stamp catalog and place your order

I will accept orders until Tuesday, 20 September. I'll try to mail out all your orders by the first week of October.

Thanks for the submissions I received! I've been able to add many of them to the catalog, along with a few ideas of my own. There are 31 new designs including (at long last) stamps for the popular and beloved Smith-Corona Super-5, Blickensderfer, and Underwood No. 5. The stamp catalog has expanded to a total of 310 designs to choose from.

(I will be doing image and logo stamps this round, no address stamps.)


  1. What fun! I see several that I want. Will have to ponder ...

  2. Loads of goodies. Now to limit what I want.

  3. Spoilt for choice!