4 Mar 2015

Big sale! Typewriters, parts, and ephemera

I have way too much stuff around the house, and it's time to clear out. Technically it's too early to call it spring cleaning, but as we haven't really had a "proper winter" this year in Tacoma, it's just been a blur from fall to spring. March is spring enough for me.

I have 9 project machines and 7 parts machines. I consider project-worthy machines to be in good or better optical condition, and generally working well except for a few problems. If fixed, they would make fine machines. Parts machines may be partially disassembled, have bits missing, and are generally broken in multiple ways and may not be in very good optical condition. They're not worth fixing.

For pricing, I have tried to balance between how much I paid, how much the fixed machine is worth, and how much work I think needs to go into it. If you think these are way out of line, prices are negotiable! The important thing is I need to get rid of these. A ribbon is not included unless if the typewriter uses special spools. These have all been surface cleaned but may need more thorough cleaning inside. Shipping is not included in these prices. I will ship worldwide, and I prefer PayPal payment, but check is possible from the US. Local Tacoma-area sales are even better.

If you're interested, want more information, or pictures, just send me an email.

Project machines

Sold — 1934 Corona Silent. Fantastic optical condition with excellent green paint and excellent decals. A real beauty overall. The problem lies with the carriage advancing. It moves fine with the spacebar, but it doesn't advance well with keystrokes. Sometimes it works, but usually it doesn't. The harder you hit the keys the more likely it is to advance. US keyboard.

$40 — 1950s Tower Tabulator. Very good optical condition overall, with excellent decals. The action is just not very responsive. It could just need a thorough cleaning and lubrication inside, because nothing appears to be physically broken. The case doesn't latch. US keyboard. Instruction manual included.

$70 — 1976 Erika 40. This one is in almost perfect optical condition and very good working condition. The only problem is the type alignment which is off. I don't have the tool needed to fix it, but that is the only problem it has. UK keyboard.

Sold. $80 — 1933 Olympia Progress. Very good optical and working condition. The decals, which are often work on this model, only show a little wear. The carriage return doesn't work right, it won't linespace. There's just a tiny bit of rust but it's not a problem. German keyboard.

Sold. $90 — 1960 Facit TP1. Very good optical and working condition. Sans-serif typeface. The only problem is the ribbon doesn't lift high enough in black mode. Instruction manual included. US keyboard.

Sold. $80 — 1932 Torpedo 15a. Excellent optical condition with just a little wear to the paint and perfect decals. The keys are also not discolored as they sometimes are. The problem with this is that the carriage doesn't advance well on keystrokes. It works better if you strike the keys hard. German keyboard.

$30 — 1960s Triumph Perfekt. The carriage return lever's post that connects it to the carriage is broken. The type action is a bit uneven from key to key. It would probably be a bigger project, hence the lower price. US keyboard.

Sold. $40 — 1959 Smith-Corona Empire. One of the last Empires made in England after Smith-Corona took over. Very nice optical and working condition. It only needs a new mainspring. Instruction manual included. US keyboard.

Sold. $70 — 1930 Underwood Portable. Very good optical condition with some paint wear and excellent decals. It just needs a new mainspring and a slight alignment adjustment. US keyboard.

Parts machines

If you need any parts from these machines, I can send them to you for free or a small cost (depending on how easy it is to remove the part). Or, if you're interested in the whole machine, I can send it that way.

Underwood Quiet Tab Golden Touch (no case)
Remington Portable 1 (no case lid)
Adler Contessa
Montgomery-Ward Signature 511
Olivetti Lettera 32 (no case)
Smith-Corona Galaxie XII
Facit TP1


Sold. $5 — Smith-Corona/L C Smith ribbon. Plastic spools, the ribbon is dry.

Sold. $5 — Olivetti ribbon spools, metal.


$5 — Siemag standard typewriter manual (German)

$5 — Orga Modell 10 manual (German)

$5 — Hermes Baby manual (Spanish)

$1 each — 2 typewriter eraser sticks

Be sure to read the paragraphs at the top before emailing or commenting.


  1. I would have totally taken you up on that Progress but, ironically, I have some spring cleaning of my own to do. Those are some fine typewriters, good luck selling them.

  2. Is that Underwood Faux Woodgrain?

  3. hi, I'm interested in the green Smith-Corona, I'm in Shanghai, China.

    1. I can do that. Shipping would be about $100. Send me an email if you're interested.

  4. Would you be interested in selling some of mine on a commission basis?

  5. Hello,

    Just wanted to say what a pleasant and informative resource your blog has been since I got bitten by the TW bug a few months ago! Wish I could travel back in time to snag a couple of these beautiful machines--here's hoping you decide to do another sale in the future.