1 Jan 2015

1954 Olivetti Lettera 22 leaflet and pricelist

Seeing this leaflet makes it so clear why Lettera 22s are often found with congress elite, or as they call the typeface here, "Lettera". Though this was intended for the German market, it shows a number of different keyboards.

The pricelist below is for February 1954, showing a price of 378 DM ($90 or $780 today) for the Lettera 22 and 448 DM ($107 or $927 today) for the Studio 44.


  1. Interesting information & nice typeface. One day I hope to add a Letter 22 and a Lettera 32 to my collection.

  2. They were about the cost of a laptop. Didn't do as much, but are reliable, and will last forever!!

  3. ...and so the Olivetti habit strengthens its grip. They certanly knew how to put a leaflet together. Happy 2015 Nick!