19 Oct 2014

Futura on a typewriter

196X Sears President 12 S6LP102442

Sears Smith-Corona equivalent

Pica Pica No. 1
Elite Elite No. 66
Presidential Pica Presidential Pica No. 78
Executive Elite Presidential Elite No. 77
Script Script (Artistic) No. 75
Italic Pica Italic No. 2
Futura Numode No. 61

(sorry for the sloppy table, apparently all the tabs were lost when I copied this)

Sent from my Sears President 12


  1. Good looking typewriter and typeface, I'd say.

  2. I've got the same unit , but in "Citation" guise. It does have nice lines, and yours looks better in the midnight blue, and red! Wow, look at the 3/4 shot - what a luscious slope it has! I never noticed that look on my all beige one. Once again, great photography.

    1. The Sears versions of Smith-Coronas often are better-looking—if they actually used a nice color. Why people were ever satisfied with putting boring beiges and greys when other colors would have flattered the designs much more, I'll never understand.

  3. I have the same on a Sears "Cutlass" in red with racing stripes. I do like the styling on those Sears jobs from that time.