22 May 2011

Noiseless arrivals, Rotations, & Summertimes

Typo: puck is supposed to be pick. -- I could just name my typecasts after
the dates they were typed on but I actually put effort into naming them, haha.
To you who sent me this big envelope: Tell me if you recognise it!

Typed on my SCM Smith-Corona Galaxie XII

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, sorry to hear about the shipping damage. It takes a truly large box to mail a Model 8, and it sounds like the sender didn't take the appropriate measures. Still it's a nice catch, and worthy of fixing.

    I thought I was going to hold off on any more typewriter shopping, too, and then a Noiseless 8 showed up on eBay. You know the story. Self-discipline is fine... until temptation gets the best of you.