3 Feb 2017

Interior decorating with typewriters

Olympia SM9

I was leafing through my copy of The House Book by Terence Conran (1974) and came across this stylish setting and thought to myself "they picked that Olympia because it matched the color scheme" (even their stationary of choice is yellow to match the accent color!)

Hermes Baby

So I went through the book and found all the identifiable instances of typewriters in their various settings. I think this Hermes (or is it an Empire?) wasn't chosen to match the color scheme.

Olivetti Lettera 22

What's a stylish room without an Olivetti? Putty looks pretty good here.

Olivetti Studio 44

And for this second Olivetti, did they pick it because it matched the table and chair? Or did they paint their furniture to match their typewriter? Part of my hopes it's the latter.


  1. Very stylish. I like those big open rooms also. I could probably fit my tiny Florida house into any one of them.

    1. Rooms always look nicer in books than in reality!

  2. I've always liked the 1972 House Beautiful Remodeling Guides at the Seattle Central Library...everything would go perfectly with the Royal Fleetwood! (I can't tell you how many ideas those books gave me over the years...from moss-colored carpet, to paneling!)

  3. Olivettis always blend-in well. I remember Ton S used to arrange them to nice effect. :)

  4. Neat. Nowadays you see typewriters in interior decorating schemes again, sometimes.