27 Jun 2015

Three kinds of Remington Mark II

The Remington Mark II was a Torpedo 18b (or 18s) in a plastic shell rebranded for the American market. To my knowledge, it exists in three versions, spanning 3 to 5 years of production (if it went from 1964 to 1968). They all come in an oddly Olympia-like case made in West Germany and have annoying Remington core spools.

The first date, 1965, is a guess. The two later Mark IIs have been dated from the date stamp inside the ribbon cover. This post compares a few points showing the changes in the exterior finish and the change from Remington Rand to Remington and finally to Sperry Rand as the manufacturer.

1965? - 1345954 (West Germany)

September 1966 - 819493 (West Germany)

August 1967 - 1377313 ("Holland")

I would like to thank my friend Scott for letting me use his camera to photograph his two Mark IIs.


  1. This is a very timely post for me, as I just bought a Mark II of the first type on eBay. Serial number 1348269 was sold on Christmas Eve, 1965, for $119.95.

    1. Wonderful! 1965 seems like a sound date for that then.