12 Jun 2015

1924 Blackned Auto Road Map

On a previous post I had a photo of a map which I'd been sketching. This is the (mostly) finished version. It's a map of the fictional region of Blackned (named after Ned the black lab, not especially creative) done in the style of 1920s Rand McNally. I haven't hand-drawn maps in a long time so this was fun to do. Since I drew this I've bought a set of nicer pens (Sakura micron) to work with.

The region is like a combination of the Seattle area and central/southern Scotland. I didn't write in all the names of the towns because I don't have enough ideas for town names, haha.


  1. Really cool, and fun stylistically! I love the look of that era, and you nailed it - good work.

  2. Hey, that's starting to look good!

  3. Very nice! the names will come to you when they do. It already shows a bit of the story you made up behind the sketch.