15 Jan 2014

Spider at night / Facit dream

(updated from original post)

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  1. I have a spider lives in my car, behind my driver's side mirror. I've only seen it once, but it's web is all over the front of the mirror and I prefer to keep it there (live and let live - plus doesn't effect visibility too much).

    1. I have one living in the corner of my kitchen window since August. It's amazingly big now! Unfortunately I haven't been able to make a good picture of it yet. It's too fast, when it noticed me it ran away to it's hiding spot or shakes the web so my picture gets fuzzy. And it's now taking it's winter nap, so I'm afraid my pictures will never get made...

  2. Hello Spidey! How is it hanging?

    Glad you recovered from your flu Nick!

  3. Great night shots! Glad you're recovering from the ick that's been going around. (:

  4. I found a spider lurking in my newly acquired Hermes 2000. Alive! That's a first.