7 Oct 2011

What I Found In A Little Thrift Shop

Typed on my new Adler J2 and Royal Futura 600
I made it in 12 minutes, easy.
Also, I realise I'm in the midst of a real typewriter golden age here.


  1. Wow, you are lucky. My own great thrift store find the other day was an Olivetti/Underwood Lettera 22.

  2. I like the lower-case e. What's the difference between the 600 & 800?
    Oh and Richard, pics please of the 22 is it like mine?

  3. Do all Futuras have the same typeface? It really is pretty and I am so addicted to different type styles. I've passed on many Futuras and variants for lack of type samples.

    I need another typewriter like I need a hole in the head. However, just for the sake of perpetual addiction, how much will you try to get for the Futura?

  4. Dwayne: Not all the same. Most have Pica and Elite, latter looks exactly like a mini version of former. This one has Windsor.


    Andrew G.